Invitation: FREE, ONLINE TRAINING in planning and conducting exercise classes for pregnant and postpartum clients

24 October 2022

Dear Students and Exercise Professionals,

We would like to invite you to the FREE, ONLINE TRAINING in planning and conducting exercise classes for pregnant and postpartum clients. The training will be carried out from November 7 to December 4, within an international NEPPE project “New Era of Pre and Postnatal exercise”.

To take part in the training just fill in the application form and read the regulations for recruitment. After receiving your application form, we will arrange a short online interview (in October). The deadline for registration is the 26th of October.

Watch the promotional video

  1. The program will include 150 teaching hours (including theoretical and practical classes).
  2. The training is in English and entirely online.
  3. It will be implemented intensively by a month continuously:
    • 4-5 teaching hours during working days. On working days, classes will be held in the afternoons (e.g., 2.00-6.30 pm CET)
    • 7-8 teaching hours during weekends (e.g., 10.00 am – 6.00 pm CET)
  4. These 150 hours include self-preparation and self-practice hours (the teachers are available for you, but you plan your activity).
  5. The classes will be recorded, so in case of your absence you will be able to learn what is required according to your own schedule. Participants take part in as many classes as they can. There is no specific minimum number of attendances.
  6. Participants who pass the theory test receive a training completion certificate. Additionally, if they also pass the practical part (online), they get the "Exercise in Pregnancy and Postpartum” Lifelong Learning qualification (EQF level 4), according to the international EuropeActive standards.

For more information on the NEPPE training and project, visit our webpage.
If you have any questions, please contact us:

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