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Which aspects of your life harm your health and which are building your health? The answer to this question can be found in the international guidelines for healthy living from the World Health Organization and the latest research on lifestyle medicine. But how do we assess our lifestyle against these authoritative sources of information?

Within the New Health project, a project team from 7 countries, used existing guidelines and translated them into an easy-to-use, online Lifestyle Scan which, will give you a clear overview of the positive and negative aspects of your lifestyle.

We hope that the results of the Scan will motivate you to want to improve your lifestyle. To assist you with this, the project team offers you a free mini-healthy lifestyle documentary containing essential insights into healthy eating, active living and a health mindset.

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You can not only do the personal Lifestyle Scan but also get access to the video series:

  1. The Turning Point of the Homo Sapiens
  2. Exercise as Medicine
  3. Food as Medicine
  4. The Brain as Medicine

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