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The proportion of physically inactive citizens in the EU remains unacceptably high. 46% of EU citizens do not exercise or play sport at all (2017). More and more Europeans eat unhealthily and suffer chronically from stress. In the past 50 to 70 years, generations of us did not learn about the health & prevention guidelines, that research is giving us now, so it’s time for a knowledge update. Not only for the consumer, but specially for professionals who work with consumers in the areas of healthcare, sports and lifestyle. It is time for a prevention movement!


To work toward a solution, more attention should be put into spreading the knowledge and understanding of what is a healthier life: for youth, adults and seniors, and also for people with special health-related conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, post-cancer treatment or pregnancy. That’s why the European Erasmus+ approved the development of the New Health Program 'Lifestyle/health promoter'.

New Health strongly believes in a healthier future for our children. We adults will have to ensure and take responsibility that young people have a strong healthy living foundation, therefore healthy living education will have to become a permanent element in education.

Free Healthy Lifestyle documentary

The aim of the New Health Program 'Lifestyle as medicine' is to provide professionals, volunteers and consumers with easy to obtain and to understand knowledge and tools to improve physical activity, healthy eating, mental fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Also a free consumer lifestyle platform and a Healthy Lifestyle Promotor course with video e-learning is in development. The international guidelines for healthy living from the WHO and the latest research on lifestyle as medicine are used.

Share the New Health program, be a partner of the New Health movement!

You, as a company, organization, association or group can be a part and partner of this New Health movement and community and help building a healthier Europe and future. It is totally for free!! We will hand you the tools to communicate the material.

The 9 short introduction videos are already available. If you sign in as a partner, please send us your company logo and website, we will add you on the website and keep you updated when the next parts are ready. The active living part will be available in February 2022. The healthy Food Serie in April/May 2022 and the Healthy Mindset in June/July 2022.

Please mail to a description of your company, your logo and a link to your website. We will add you as international partner on the partner page and keep you informed from now on about the developments of the project.

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