Trained Academy

United Kingdom

Trained Academy strives to be Educators of Excellence. The goal is to provide quality fitness qualifications for fitness professionals so that they can expand their services to get more people moving. We help fitness professionals to specialise in their field, so that they may teach older adults, pre and post natal ladies, yoga, pilates, and mental health awareness. Our newest addition is a CPD course for behavioural change as we believe that this is crucial in supporting people with improving lifestyle, reducing obesity and enhancing mental health and wellbeing. Trained Academy is at the forefront of launching the Mental Health Questionnaire (MHQ) that was designed and validated by one of the co directors which will be launched into the fitness industry soon to evaluate the trajectory of mental health of clients, providing a more nuanced holistic approach to health consultations and lifestyle improvements. Trained Academy partner MH1, a mental health movement and the go to place for fitness professionals for all things associated with mental health and wellbeing. We are excited to be a part of the New Health project as we feel this is a perfect fit which aligns with our vision to get more people moving to improve physical and mental health.