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In 2010, a small group of University professors, physicians, fitness experts, physical educators and allied health professionals decided to found Center for Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences (CHESS) – a unique organization which recognizes that health problems were closely associated with lifestyle choices, especially poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Since then, CHESS members and officials evaluated and promoted healthier lifestyles for diverse populations in Serbia and abroad, through educational, scientific and training activities. In the past years, we undertook dozen projects supported by public and private stakeholders, national and international funding bodies, from Serbian Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Youth and Sport, through World Health Organization, World-Anti Doping Agency and US National Strength and Conditioning Association, ERASMUS+, to industry. Striving for excellence in promotion of exercise-driven healthier life styles, today CHESS continues to organize educational seminars and portals, conduct research studies, and produce guidelines and initiatives for better health. Our main aims are to better understand relations between exercise, nutrition and health, and to motivate people of all ages to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes scientifically proven regular physical activity and optimal nutrition.

Center for Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences (CHESS) is an educational and research non-governmental organization that focuses on creating society of knowledge through supreme science and research training structured around core principles of Excellence, Integrity, Innovation and Inquisitiveness.

The main aspects of our work are: (1) research and evaluation in the discipline of health and exercise, (2) education and professional development of the premier quality in the field, and (3) dissemination and application of knowledge for healthy active lifestyles.

Center for Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences

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