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Asociación Europea Deporte, Ejercicio y Salud (AEDESA) is an Association that aims to offer knowledge of sport and physical activity through the promotion, giving information and organizing sport events. Our mission as physical exercise professional, is to believe in physical activity for the integral development of the humans. Promotion, conscience and educate in the importance of physical movement as felicity and good wellness. AEDESA aims to maintain relationships with all kinds of public and private organizations and entities within Spain, Europe and the rest of the world in defence of their interests.

Key Activities:

  • Training / education
  • Research
  • Consultation and community projects
  • Development of the technical, scientific, and cultural exchange with national, private and public institutions, which have similar goals
  • Participation in national projects


  • Sector Fitness European Academy
  • Valgo
  • Círculo de Gestores Deportivos

Size of the organisation:

  • National
  • 250 members
  • 5 employees

New Health Foundation

Houtstraat 14
6001 SJ Weert (Netherlands)

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