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EFAA Education, founded in 1989 by Regina and John van Heel, is training provider within the fitness industry for instructors, fitness trainers, personal trainers, lifestylecoaches and club owners. EFAA BV/Leefstijlclub started in 2003 with the development of a national network for Life-Style & prevention centres and lifestyle as medicine consumer and employee programmes. The mission of EFAA BV/Leefstijlclub is to improve the quality of life and to inspire people to a healthy and active lifestyle.

EFAA BV is a pledge holder of 'Iedereen is gezondheid (Everything is Health)', initiated and part of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport's (VWS) National Prevention Program. One of the objectives of VWS is to reverse the growth of obesity and diabetes. A promise from EFAA BV in the pledge of 'Iedereen is gezondheid’ is to contribute to a break in the trend in the increase in obesity. The mission of EFAA BV is to contribute to a STOP of the obesity epidemic!

EFAA BV has bin Core partner of the EU ELF (E-learning Fitness) project in 2014 and participated in the development of the e-learning programmes. The founder of EFAA BV developed many courses for the Fitness industry and professionals like Fitnesstrainer, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle coaching and was part of the Technical development team of NL Active in the Netherlands and of Europe Active for the development of various competency profiles and target group protocols.

As partner of the HLNE project, EFAA will develop the Healthy Lifestyle Coach course and course materials, including an exam.

EFAA education

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