Gym Tonic is an innovative sports and health centre with the group practice 4Effect attached to it. Gym Tonic stands for a tailor-made total approach through the professional guidance of our team and in-depth support of our group practice in which a team of physiotherapists, osteopath, nutrition expert and mental coach work together from the same vision.

Life is movement, movement is life. At Gym Tonic it is our mission to set our members in motion and to let them experience its effect on their total well-being, so that a 'must' move becomes a 'want' move. Any initiative that aims to get more people moving, in a responsible and safe way, is a good initiative, of which we want to be a part. We dream that supervised exercise is seen even more as a means of prevention and that in general even more attention is paid to a preventive health policy, in which exercise, healthy nutrition and the right mindset are central.