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The Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior (ESDRM) is a Portuguese public higher education school integrated in the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (IPSantarém) (, that was establish in 1997, in the city of Rio Maior (near to the capital – Lisbon), as known by “City of Sport” (

Actually, students and staff are involved in 5 bachelor’s degrees: Physical Activity and Lifestyle (European bachelor); Sport Coach; Fitness & Health; Outdoor Activities and Sport Tourism; Sport Management); and 3 master’s degrees: Sport Coach; Physical Activity and Health; Sport and Recreation; and also 1 professional programmes (EQF-level 5): Surfing. The school is integrated in the consortium of 3 research centre’s: Research Centre in Sport, Health & Human Development (CIDESD) (; Research Centre for Life Quality (CIEQV) (; and Centre for Tourism, Research, Development and Innovation (CiTUR) (, all of them supported by the National Foundation for Science & Technology (FCT).

ESDRM was/is involved in several I&D projects and in projects and services in community, such as: AEHESIS; ELF; FELT2; PALC; SEDY; SPEACH; ESSA-SPORT; ESA. ESDRM was/is also involved in the following financed National Projects: MIND&GAIT; 2Bio4Cartilage; TennPower; Research Laboratory in Sport and Health (more information:

ESDRM is affiliated in the following European/International organizations: EuropeActive; European Network of Sport Education (ENSE); European Observatory of Sport and Employment (EOSE); European College of Sport Science (ECSS); International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE).

Key activities:

  • Training/education;
  • Research;
  • Consultation and community projects;
  • Development of the technical, scientific, and cultural exchange with national and international, private and public institutions, which have similar goals;
  • Participation in national and international cooperation I&D projects.

Size of the organisation:

  • 135 staff members (42 teachers full-time; 73 teachers part-time; 20 staff workers)
  • 1019 students (887 bachelor; 95 master; 37 EQF-level 5 programmes)

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