Valgo Investment


Valgo® sports consultancy arises to fill a gap in the professional fitness and sports market caused by the need for companies and entities to have the support of experts in different management areas.

With extensive experience in the field of management, marketing, research, training and events, Valgo® aims to develop services for companies in advisory, consulting and development work in various lines of business, and has specialized professionals to attend to these needs globally.

Valgo® Investment also performs intermediation functions in management and communication tasks, through which the client obtains advantageous conditions in contracting services and qualified professional assistance. Finally, it also develops studies and research reports with the aim of knowing the sector and its characteristics in a more scientific way, in order to efficiently meet the needs of its customers.

We are committed to promoting healthy lifestyle habits to improve the physical and mental health of society. In our consulting projects for companies and municipalities, we attach essential importance to new sports trends, so that more and more people begin to practice physical activity and give importance to having good lifestyle habits.



Valgo Investment

New Health Foundation

Houtstraat 14
6001 SJ Weert (Netherlands)

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