New Health video series available in German

28 February 2024

From March 1, 2024, New Health's Lifestyle as Medicine video series will be available in German. This 'Lifestyle as medicine' series is complete and available free of charge for anyone who wants to improve their own lifestyle and health and that of others.

The video series offers many thought-provoking insights and valuable recommendations on health and lifestyle, as well as mental health and mindset. For example, practicing mental calmness on a daily basis is advocated as it helps us become more self-aware and manage stress better. In turn, consciousness can help us see how we want to live and sharpen our personal vision of life.

Watching the video series will provide viewers with the essential information they need to make healthy choices. It is also invaluable for parents to provide their children with the knowledge and skills they need to develop their own healthy lifestyle.

The New Health video series was already available with subtitles in English, Dutch, Spanish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Slovak and French. From now on, the video series can also be seen in German.

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