Invitation New Health Program for Fitness Professionals

5 October 2022

Over the past 3 years, with the support of the European Union, an international team of experts in the field of sport, health and lifestyle have been working to develop a validated Lifestyle Scan and a short, inspirational training program. These resources aim to create greater awareness and promotion of a healthier lifestyle for EU citizens. This has resulted in a highly innovative program in 7 languages ​​(Dutch, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovak and Lithuanian) which is available via a website, YouTube and a bespoke App.

Primary lifestyle themes

The program has been developed based on a scientifically validated working model from the Combined Lifestyle Intervention (CLI), in which 3 lifestyle themes are central:

  1. Healthy exercise
  2. Healthy food
  3. A healthy mindset

The Comenius University in Slovakia conducted research into the evidence and essential insights provided by these 3 themes and this output was incorporated into the short videos that make up the course program.

Lifestyle guidelines from the WHO and Health Council!

The most recent lifestyle guidelines from the Health Council and the WHO have been used in compiling the program, so that all advice is in line with official national and international guidelines on these themes.

Call for Fitness Professionals!

In the coming year, we have the task of providing as many Fitness Professionals as possible with this knowledge free of charge. It is hoped that this will act as a knowledge update and enable professionals to apply the information and insights given in their practice. Where necessary, they will be able to use the Lifestyle Scan and offer the video-based course materials or parts of the course to clients.

Together for a healthier community!

We are happy to work with you to bring this program to the attention of your clients. We have a communication program ready for you to implement immediately. We hope for your cooperation to work together for a healthier world and a healthier future for our growing generations.

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