The International Institute of Sports and Applied Sciences (IIDCA) was created on November 29, 2006 by a committee of sports professionals linked between the American and European continents.

The objective of the IIDCA is to offer a greater social knowledge of sport and physical activity, as well as its healthy benefits. We ensure the correct development and application of physical practice and we are concerned with the various agents in the sector, trying to guarantee the safety of users and the good work of professionals.

The IIDCA aims to cover all areas of sport and physical activity and has a large team of professionals, all of whom are licensed and specifically trained in their areas of work, advising and providing the highest quality service possible.

It also has an affiliation program for people, companies and/or entities with exclusive advantages typical of the IIDCA. IIDCA currently has a presence in America and Europe, expanding little by little, and has numerous collaborating entities that support its project in these countries.

The International Institute of Sport and Applied Sciences develops a manifesto of commitment to quality and a healthy lifestyle, with the following points:

  • We know that movement generates well-being and happiness. That is why, in the face of a sedentary lifestyle, we work for a society in movement.
  • We understand that personal well-being and happiness are possible from respect for others. We believe in the human being above all, so our activity will respect life and human dignity as a fundamental principle.
  • We assume the commitment to work for a society in movement with respect for our natural environment. We believe that our work should be in solidarity with the environment.
  • Physical activity, physical exercise or sports are fields that can be approached from a humanitarian perspective. In this configuration we want to influence the creation of links between towns and people from physical activity, physical exercise or sports.
  • Finally, we are aware of the need for study and research to develop physical exercise protocols. For this reason, our effort and support will always be consistent with scientific criteria.



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