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Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands is committed to the application of practical and scientific knowledge in the field of sports and exercise. With this knowledge, KCSportNL can improve the economic and social impact of sports: the right knowledge enables faster rehabilitation or lower absenteeism, more participation of people with disabilities, skilled trainers and coaches or - for top athletes - the tiny difference between “medal or no medal”. And for everyone, responsible physical activity and injury prevention ensures that we (continue to) move healthily and pleasurably.

KCSportNL works for (local) professionals and volunteers who look for extra expertise in the area of sports and the activation of people. KCSportNL does not work exclusively for the sports sector. It is one of KCSportNL’s priorities to make sure that knowledge about sports and activities also reach local governments, volunteers, healthcare professionals, labour unions and employer organisations, national or regional knowledge organisation, other public organisations and businesses. KCSportNL collaborates in other sectors with the sectors’ most relevant knowledge institutes. KCSportNL is an independent knowledge institute and is funded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS).

Size of the organisation:

  • national
  • 60 employees

New Health Foundation

Houtstraat 14
6001 SJ Weert (Olandija)

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