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In the past 36 year, the founder of the New Health Foundation (John van Heel), is putting effort in awareness and guidance of a healthy lifestyle, lifestyle as medicine and primary prevention, using the ACSM, WHO and Health Council guidelines of healthy living and prevention. This led to the foundation that is reaching out to a network of more than 1000 ambassadors and supporters the Netherlands, with a lifestyle and prevention item, about for example healthy and active living, healthy eating, increasing motivation, mental strength or physical or mental relaxation. In 2018 themes of Positive Health (Machteld Huber) were added to the items, mental, meaning of life, quality of life, social participation, daily functioning and physical.

The founder of the New Health foundation was part of the Technical Educational Commission off Europe Active, for the development of the standard of diabetes and obesity and initiator of the development of the knowledge files and protocols of Overweight/obesity, diabetic and NAH (non-congenital brain disorder) for fitness professionals and worked with NL Active on the certification and quality program for prevention centres in The Netherlands. The New Health Foundation is closely involved in the prevention center and the education commission of NL Active (Dutch Fitness Federation).

In 2013 New Health took initiative to translate the ACSM active living guidelines together with TNO, to a Dutch guideline (the scale of 3), that led to the new Health Council active living guidelines, published in November 2017. John van Heel was invited as guest speaker at the symposium of Health insurance VGZ, ‘Lifestyle is Medicine’ in November 2017 and member of the panel that advised Deputy Prime Minister of Public Health, Welfare and Sport, Hugo de Jonge, in March 2018 about the health prevention policy in the Netherlands.

Van Heel strongly believes in a healthier future for our children. ‘At this moment, we are not raising our children healthily enough, they lack health skills and healthy living knowledge, which makes them as adults more unhealthy and difficult to get rid of the unhealthy learned habits, with all its consequences. We adults will have to ensure and take responsibility that young people have a strong healthy living foundation, therefore healthy living education will have to become a permanent element in education.

The New Health Foundation wants to stimulate people to enhance their health behaviour and preventive health by;

  • Promoting sports and active lifestyle;
  • Stimulating sustainable healthy lifestyle;
  • Promote active living, healthy eating, mental health, mindset and mind(re)set, positive health and the risk of using human enhancement drugs, performance and image enhancing drugs, and doping substances;
  • Stimulating health education, using scientific proved health vision of the WHO and health council on companies, educational organizations, sports clubs and the health- and wellness sector;
  • To improve the knowledge of professionals regarding the health vision and guidelines of the WHO and the health council, positive health and behaviour change guidance, within company’s, educational organizations, sports clubs and the health- and wellness sector.

Key Activities:

  • Health awareness campaigns
  • Research
  • Seminars and training


  • NL Actief
  • Europe Active

Size of the organisation:

  • International
  • +1000 ambassadors, supporters and members

Nieuwe Gezondheid

New Health Foundation

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