Municipality of Azambuja


The Municipality of Azambuja, for many years, has had a special focus on the promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyles, through various municipal programs in the area of ​​sports and health, as well as through the dynamics installed around the municipal sports facilities.


Division of Sport and Youth of the Municipality of Azambuja (DDJ)

The DDJ operates in the areas of Sport and Youth, in Municipality of Azambuja, with the mission of coordinating and promoting sports activities, as well as enhancing the implementation of the municipal youth policy, encouraging the active participation of young people in all areas of social life. Sport has been assuming a prominent position, as it constitutes a sign of quality of life and well-being of populations. This Division responds to this growth with programs (pre-school, +55, people with desabilities, weekends, aquatic environment, walking and running center, sports holidays) aimed at improving the quality of life of the entire population, improving functional autonomy, stimulating motor development, self-esteem, posture and socialization.

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Municipality of Azambuja

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