New Health Project Video Series Complete and available to All

3 February 2023

The mission of the New Health Project, now in its third and final year, is to provide sports- and lifestyle organizations, professionals, volunteers and consumers with easy to obtain and to understand knowledge and tools to improve physical activity, healthy eating and mental fitness. At the heart of this mission is the New Health mini-video series. As a labour of love for the New Health team it is with great pride and hope for the future that they are able to announce that this series is now complete and freely available (at to all those want to improve their own and others lifestyle and health.

This inspirational and potentially life-changing insight into healthy exercise, healthy nutrition and a healthy mindset provides all the basic ingredients to live a consciously healthy life. By enabling healthy lifestyle choices the evidence-based information contained in this series of professionally produced mini-videos is priceless in its potential to positively impact on all aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Caring for our body and mind using the insights and techniques provided in these videos can provide a crucial foundation for a meaningful existence, where we nurture ourselves and others toward a better individual and collective quality of life. By using the information contained in the videos we will learn to become aware of the impact of our current beliefs and thoughts. This will allow us to get the best out of ourselves and our lives and, to establish daily lifestyle rituals that will facilitate our journey to better health and well-being. The videos recognise that there is no quick fix. We must take small, achievable steps that build confidence and steadily establish a new healthy lifestyle blueprint that seamlessly builds physical activity and a healthy mindset into daily living patterns.

The video series provides many thought-provoking insights and invaluable recommendations. As an example, practicing mental rest daily is championed as this helps us to become more self-aware and better manage stress. In turn, awareness can help us see how we want to live and sharpen our personal vision of life. In this way, we pay attention to and visualise how we want to live, how we want to be and what we want to think and believe. Only then will we be able to change and create our own healthier and happier future.

New Health believe that watching the mini-video will equip people with the essential information they need to reach out to a healthier lifestyle. It is also believed that its will be invaluable for parents in giving their children the knowledge and skills they need to develop their own healthy lifestyles. In this context, New Health will be looking toward the implementation of the mini-video series and its other support tools in primary education. There can be nothing more valuable than giving children the key to unlock a future based on mutually supportive and productive healthy lifestyles.

Watch and re-watch the mini-video series

New Health invite you to watch the whole mini-video series. To gain insights and inspiration from it and positively change the way you live and interact with others. Once you have watched it why not watch it again to consolidate your thoughts! Share the videos with others as much as possible because everyone deserves to learn from its essential messages and to experience the beauty of a self-nurturing, fulfilling lifestyle full of health, time for oneself, family, friends, fun and happiness!

If you are inspired by the information contained in the mini-series why not become a Healthy Lifestyle Promoter (HLP). This vital role developed during the project promotes a healthy lifestyle through providing information and signposting to community activities that would support the physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of citizens across Europe.

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New Health 2022 project
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