X-Fittt GLI stands for a combined lifestyle intervention with the purpose of losing weight and develop a sustainable active and healthy lifestyle.
X-Fittt GLI is a unique combination of exercise, the right diet and professional and affordable guidance.
X-Fittt GLI is financially supported and partly reimbursed by the dutch basic health insurance.
X-Fittt GLI takes two years: in year one a customized program, in year two preservation of results.

In short summarized the X-Fittt GLI program contains among other elements:

  • Personal consults with your own lifestyle coach
  • Contacts with your lifestyle coach by phone, email and Whatsapp.
  • Group workshops about among others nutrition, exercise, workouts, addiction, behavorial change
  • Food diary by App
  • Train under supervision
  • 1 time per week individual training or activity of your own choice
  • Nutritional advice and guidance via the X-Fittt App
  • Weekly weigh in

The strength of X-Fittt GLI is:

  • X-Fittt GLI helped hundreds of people to a healthier weight and life style.
  • X-Fittt GLI is developed by professionals. Research of the Wageningen University has proofed the success of the program.
  • A specialized team of lifestyle coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists, sport scientists and personal trainers continuously improve the program.

Results are:

  • Lost pounds
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced abdominal size
  • Lower fat percentage
  • Less medication for Diabetes 2
  • Feeling fitter

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