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Verenigd Koninkrijk

MH1 is the go-to place for all things mental health and wellbeing and was established to support the health, fitness, and wellbeing industry from fitness professional to CEOs.

MH1 is based on four pillars: educating, researching, innovating, and talking. We stand to serve individuals, operators, and the wider community, by providing accredited qualifications, including mental health training, alongside continued professional development (CPD) courses.

In addition, MH1 offers bespoke consultancy, and a series of seminars and interviews for the health, fitness, and wellness community, led by industry experts.

MH1 is the creator of the Lifestyle Discovery Questionnaire (LDQ), designed and validated as an MSc dissertation project with the support of Edgehill University.

The LDQ psychometric tool measures the trajectory of mental health using lifestyle factors as markers. The LDQ evaluates 11 lifestyle outcomes and will soon be available for commercial use within the UK.

The implementation of the LDQ in health clubs will be a game changer as it not only supports lifestyle intervention strategies but also creates a more holistic approach to client consultations. The LDQ is equipped to provide data to evidence progress on a platform that teams use to manage and track health-related service data.


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