Volledige partner is the umbrella organization for two entities :

  • BBF&W vzw : Belgian Union of Fitness Employers
    • Founded in 2002
    • Endorsed by the ministry of Economics from the Belgian Government since 2003
    • Recognized representative in the social dialogue for the fitness sector in Paritair Comité 314
    • Social economic support
    • BBF&W is represented in the Higher Council for small and middle sized enterprises
    • Subsections : Faculty (education) and BReps (register Belgian fitness professionals)
  • Fitnessbe.Vlaanderen vzw :
    • Organization endorsed and supported by the Flemish Government for policy support and practical development concerning health and ethics in the fitness sector.
    • Fitnessbe.Vlaanderen works strongly together with NADO Vlaanderen (anti-doping agency)
  • 70% of the Flemish fitness locations are member of
  • Main goal : giving clean Fitness a place in preventive healthcare

Key Activities:

  • Defending the interest of its members and the fitness industry.
  • Promotion
  • Education ( Faculty); Continuing Education / In house training / Development professional qualification framework for employment in the Belgian Fitness industry / negotiate function qualifications with social partners / Accreditation of Continuing Education (through accreditation comité fitness within the fund for social security from PC 314)
  • Social dialogue (paritair comité 314 : Hairdressers, Beauticians, Fitness)
  • Social economic support
  • Governmental support and practical development concerning Health and Ethics in the fitness sector; Antidoping / Raising awareness
  • Development and administration Belgian Register for Fitness Professionals
  • Test center Early Acquired Competences within the fitness sector


  • BBF&W and UBF&W (the Flemish and French working name of
  • Faculty (the education commission within
  • PC 314 (Paritair Comité for hairdressers, beauticians and fitness)
  • FBZ PC 314 (Fund Social Security within PC 314)
  • HRZKMO (Higher Council for small and middle sized enterprises (vice president section people care))
  • Europe Active
  • IHRSA (Associated member International Health & Racketsport Association
  • Sport Vlaanderen (Flemish sports administration)
  • KICS (Knowledge and information center from Sport Vlaanderen)
  • UNIZO (Flemish Union of Independent Employers)
  • UCM (Wallonie Union of Independent Employers)
  • ADMB (HR partner)
  • EReps (European Register of Fitness Professionals)

Previous European sports projects where was involved :

  • Project Competency policy : call 83 project nr 1204
  • Project ESF ambassador 2010 : call 140 project 2241
  • Project Early Acquired Competences Fitness Instructor, Group Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer : call 82 project nr 1256, call 136 project nr 2291, call 353 project 6131
  • Project FELT 2 – Fitness Elearning Team Training 2012-LDV-PAR-P-422

Size of the organisation:

  • national
  • 300 members (fitness clubs)
  • Endorsed and supported by the Flemish Government and works for the whole sector (antidoping / Health & Ethics in the fitness industry)
  • Employees: 5

New Health Foundation

Houtstraat 14
6001 SJ Weert (Nederland)

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