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Lithuanian Association of Health and Fitness Clubs ( (LSKA – Lietuvos Sveikatingumo Klubų Asociacija) was established on April 4th, 2013 m.

Since 2014 LSKA is a member of Europe Active (formerly the EHFA).

Looking at the long-term operational perspective the main objectives of LSKA are:

  • A healthier nation, attracting more people to the Lithuanian health and fitness clubs for physical activity programmes in promoting healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Safe and effective participation in sports and physical activity, ensuring the quality of services at the health and fitness clubs
  • Promotion of positive image of fitness industry, events management, helping with researches of Lithuanian fitness market and providing data for the public organizations, government structures.
  • Skilled, qualified and competent professionals working in compliance with global health and fitness standards.
  • Cooperation with the health care and educational institutions, participation in the board of several university level study programmes, in order to ensure the best qualification and/or academic degree for the fitness employees.
  • Participation in the international projects and researches.

The members of LSKA are the biggest chain of Health and Fitness clubs “Impuls with 12 clubs in 5 cities of Lithuania and “Lemon Gym” with 8 clubs; also several small sports clubs, studios. According to data of 2017 Eurobarometer Lithuania has only 2% of people who are members at H&F centre; Lithuanian population is around 2,7 million. So there is around 40.000 customers in the Health and Fitness sector.

EuropeActive on 2015 signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Trust with the LSKA overseeing the professional delivery of REPS-LT, the new Lithuanian national register. LSKA started to be recognised as the approved body of EREPS in the country, ensuring that fitness professionals hold the required European level of qualification.

LSKA successfully participates in the international projects:

  • Erasmus+ Sport programme supported by European Commission project – “ALCIS - Promoting Action Learning for Children in School (2015) and ALCIS 2 (2016) coordinated by Europe Active.
  • International project supported by EASE, UNI Europa Sport and EC Commission - Supporting the test phase of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for sport and active leisure (2016-2017).
  • Currently LSKA is one of the partners of Erasmus+ Sport programme supported by European Commission ProjectLet’s #BEACTIVE (2018-2021).

LSKA holds strong relations with the Lithuanian Sport University and the Lithuanian Health Science University.

LSKA is actively involved in many processes related to the challenge to increasing the impact of community based interventions in healthy ageing in Lithuania through a more active society. The strategic aims of the LSKA is to provide support not only for society, but also to the sports and fitness specialists, scientists, practitioners working in health promotion and health education, to join researchers and practitioners in the area, and to support the creation of joined activities and to share good practice.

Health enhancing physical activity is the main driver towards the EU health challenge. Therefore, LSKA is seeking to promote and strengthen community development through health promotion and sport in Lithuania. Because so far, Lithuania lacks evidence-based interventional programmes which could enhance to strengthen physical activity in all age groups by the help of Municipalities, Community centres as well as by creating beneficial environment to be physically active.

Being a part of EuropeActive, EREPS and participating in various European Health and Fitness events, LSKA shares with the newest worldwide fitness trends, training methods, practical lesson content and ensures the highest competency level for exercise professionals and to pass these on through their trainings. Through the project activities, LSKA sees also its opportunity to link to the WHO for Europe Regions for Health Network (RHN) initiatives and the implementation of its aims and objectives.

Key Activities:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Events
  • European Standards
  • EREPS – European Register For Exercise Professionals
  • Consultation and community projects


  • Europe Active
  • EREPS (European Register of Fitness Professionals)
  • ACE (American Council on Exercise)
  • Lithuanian Association of Health and Fitness Clubs (LSKA)
  • Lithuanian Sport University

Size of the organisation:

  • National
  • 20 members
  • 2 employees

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