NL Actief

Pridružený partner

NL Actief develops, coordinates and examines the recognized training courses in fitness instruction and lifestyle coaching. The NL Actief diploma provides clear and convincing evidence of the competence of the fitness professional. NL Actief develops the Competence Profiles and Test Criteria with the sector. In preparation for an NL Active exam one can go to various trainers, but self-study is also possible. From this role and responsibility, NL Active can advise the project group on matters about the qualification structure, the competencies of the Lifestyle Buddies and the implications putting it into practice. NL Actief will also have role in dissemination in the Netherlands.

Key activities: our mission is to further promote the development, quality, industry & public affairs, and success of our members


  • Government
  • State institutions
  • Knowledge centers
  • Training Institutions

Size of organisation:

  • National
  • (Around) 1000 fitness organisations
  • 11 employees
NL Actief

New Health Foundation

Houtstraat 14
6001 SJ Weert (Países Bajos)

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